Waste-to-Energy Projects

Pure Eco will evaluate all available sources of recyclables/reuseables at our client’s site including all water, solid waste, exhausted materials, and other discarded items, then recommend and, if requested, implement processes to re-use them or turn them into useful energy.

Pure Eco has experience with the following:

Evaluating available site resources like:
  • Rain water
  • Grey water
  • Sewage
  • Trash
  • Bio waste
  • Exhausted gases
Using US Department of Energy analytical tools, such as RETScreen, to evaluate recycling/reuse or energy generation. Some examples include:
  • Rain water for use in swimming pools or other non-potable applications
  • Grey water use for irrigation
  • Captured methane to generate electricity or produce methanol
  • Heat recovery to preheat domestic hot water