Home Energy Efficiency Evaluation

What is an Energy Efficiency Evaluation?

A home Energy Efficiency Evaluation (E3), also known as an energy audit, is the first step in determining how and where energy is used in your home.  Using state of the art technology we are able to analyze how energy is consumed, wasted and more importantly, what improvements can be made to save you money, energy and increase the overall comfort of your home.

Purpose of a home E3:

  • Benchmark your home to determined how it is currently performing
  • Pinpoint where your house is losing energy
  • Quantify and locate areas of air infiltration
  • Demonstrate energy saving strategies
  • Identify all improvement opportunities
  • Determine which improvements will save you the most energy
  • Provide a detailed report showing you exactly what needs to be done to increase the comfort of your        home, save you energy and money and what the ROI will be
  • Offer options to help pay for the improvements (e.g. rebates, incentives, financing, etc.)


  • A BPI (Building Performance Institute) or RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) certified professional will come to your home to perform the detailed E3 and diagnostic testing.  The most popular test in a home
    E3 is the blower door test.  The blower door pulls air out of your home via a large fan, creating negative pressure which forces air to come in (infiltrate) through all the gaps, cracks and voids around your home.
    With the aid of an infrared camera, we can see the exact locations the air is infiltrating and offer the best recommendation for resolving the issue.  The infrared camera also allows us to pinpoint any missing insulation and/or thermal bridging (conduction) areas in the home as well.
  • In addition to the testing described above, there is also a health and safety portion to our E3.  While we are in your home, we constantly monitor the ambient Carbon Monoxide (CO) level.  This is done to ensure that the air you and your family is breathing is safe and that there are not any issues with any of the combustion appliances (e.g. furnace, hot water heater, fireplace, stove/oven, etc.).  A combustion safety test will be performed to make sure these combustion appliances are operating properly and that any potentially
    harmful CO emissions are being properly vented, and actually making it outside your home.  We also use a combustion gas detector to sniff out any gas leaks along all accessible gas piping throughout your home.  Lastly, we inspect all areas of the home (both inside and out) for any moisture and potential mold issues.
  • All of our collected data, findings and recommendations are then input into our home energy modeling program to produce a detailed, yet simple to understand report, showing exactly how the home is
    performing now versus how it could perform after the recommendations are implemented.  Finally, we provide a quote for upgrading each individual item we recommended within the report.  This quote can be tailored to your specific needs, meaning a package of items can be done all at one time, or maybe a few items right away, then others down the road, or however you would like.  In addition, renewable options (e.g. PV, solar thermal, geothermal, etc.) can be explored as well.  Should you decide to move forward with any improvement that qualifies you for a rebate, we take care of the hassle of preparing the rebate paperwork
    and a check is mailed directly to you!


Your local southeast Michigan utility companies, DTE Energy and Consumers Energy, offer many individual rebates on the installation of energy efficient improvements. Additionally, you can take advantage of the comprehensive home assessment rebate, which can be as much as $500 on top of the individual rebates for completing other improvements.  To view our Rebates and Incentives page, click here.

Energy Star

Energy efficiency puts the power in your hands. From using compact fluorescent light bulbs to high efficiency clothes washers, energy efficient products and appliances can translate directly into savings on your energy bill.  If your appliances, furnace, water heater or air conditioning system are more than 15 years old, it’s time to consider a new, much more energy efficient model.  As an example, an old refrigerator or freezer can use more than twice the electricity as a new one!  Older models don’t include the sophisticated technology that is used in today’s high efficiency equipment, so upgrading to a new, Energy Star qualified model offers the most energy savings opportunity.  As part of our home E3 and data collection process, opportunities to upgrade existing equipment and how much energy and money upgrading that equipment will save you will be provided in the energy evaluation report. To learn more about Energy Star, please visit www.energystar.gov

E3’s for Every Situation

Residential buildings include, but are not limited to: homes both small and large, apartments, condo’s, and townhouses. Whether you rent, own, or are looking to own, we can help. Have your real estate agent book an E3 to see the condition of the place you want to call home. Building your own home? Pre-construction consulting can save you thousands of dollars!

Energy evaluations are not just for residential customers. We do comprehensive energy evaluations on commercial businesses as well.  The overall process is similar to the home E3, but also includes recommendations on how to save energy and money on unique operations and processes within your building that are part of your everyday business.  To learn more, see our Comprehensive Energy Evaluation (CEE) page here.

More on Our Partnership with Flame Furnace

Pure Eco has formed a partnership with Flame Furnace to help our customers achieve the greatest energy savings for the smallest investment.  Click here to learn how our partnership works.

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